18″ La Bella Rope Single Necklace


La Bella Rope

I found this chain many years ago at the Diamond show in NYC. They cleverly made a curtain of these chains, which is what caught my eye – and being it was the diamond show – I assumed they were strands of rough diamonds. They certainly looked like diamonds.
Turns out, they were diamond cut sterling silver chain with a rhodium plating so they would never tarnish! The vendor was a big Italian manufacturer and their booth was stunning. I admired from afar.
A few years later, one of my suppliers had a chain at an event – that was the exact same thing – made in Italy, without the big price tag!!! This particular supplier simply weighed everything and charged by the oz!!!!
And so it came to be I began carrying these incredible chains – over a dozen years ago!
It has become one of our most popular items. Every woman who received one, ended up getting one for all her friends and so on. The best part – is I still see women today who wear their all the time – and it literally looks as incredible as they day they purchased it.

If you are looking for a simple necklace to wear that will be stunning with a Tee shirt as well as a black dress for a formal occasion – this is it. Wear one or multiple for a stunning effect.

There is a specialized practice of making silver pieces in Italy that is both unique and rare that even its government long approved of the stamps that went on each Italian silver piece.

Along with the official stamp, each item has a second stamp that shows the purity of the silver used.

When it comes to Italian silver, you’re assured that there’ll be a stamp of the authenticity of the same, that being 925. Therefore, compared to other jewelry or items labeled sterling silver, you’ll find that those coming from Italy are more expensive.

Even with that, the quality of Italian silver is something that’s long gotten controlled by the government.

Since the 1800s, the quality has been standardized to the point that the top 925 standard jewelry is synonymous with Italian silver. As recently as 1968, the government did impose regulations, making it easier for customers and sellers to know who’s manufactured the sterling silver.

While that’s no longer at play, the top-notch standards did continue. Around the world, it is mostly agreed that Italian silver is a high-quality product.

Diamond cuts are nothing more than notches or grooves cut into the metal (Usually made by a jeweler’s chisel). That’s it! A type of finish on the metal, just like satin finish, matte finish or sandblasting. Diamond cuts are just a simple jeweler’s trick to make the outer metal surface glisten!!

The diamond cut process is facilitated by positioning the chain on the drum of a diamond cut lathe using a tool having a convex head of polished steel that is precisely positioned for urging the chain into position.

This particular chain with two different beads, has a sparkle like no other. The beads are oval and as you move – they roll around on your neck to create the sparkle effect.

Wear alone or with a pendant, single or stacked – stunning!

We offer 16″, 18″, 20″ and 24″.

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