Shield of Love Necklace


When you love someone so much – you wish you could wrap them in your love and shield them from all the dangers in the world – you give them – a shield to take with them, which will be a reminder to the fact they are loved and a warrior!
The SOL is a partnership with Laura Brown, owner of The Jewelry Cafe and national Jewelry artist, Michele Sonner of Michou Jewelry.
The inspiration for the shield was Boudica, a historic figure who was a warrior Queen – badass. There are two shields attributed to her – The Battersea and Wandsworth shields. Michele combined elements of both to create our special shield, which is embossed with the words “You are protected by Love” on the back.

These necklaces are handmade in Bali of sterling silver, accented with 22k gold and a hand set Garnet gemstone – a “protection” gemstone.
The idea behind the necklace was to share information learned about how predators in our society operate. How do they select their victims? Knowing this helps us to avoid being one! There is a whole website with information updated regularly, that shares the latest tips that could someday save a life!

Our mission is to shine a light on the behavior of predators in our society and educate all girls and women what to be careful not to do – the more we know, the better we can protect ourselves.

We are proud to donate 15% of all profits to the following causes: – helps build self esteem and empowers girls
Operation Underground Railroad – helps rescue children from human trafficking
The Child Rescue Coalition – rescues children from human trafficking

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