Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Station Necklace – 16″


Italy has long been known for it’s precious metal jewelry and there is good reason for that. Due to the fact sterling silver for example is a mixture of metals with silver being 92% and the remainder a mixtures of lower cost metals – many countries were found to short change the amount of silver in their pieces with some amounts being as low as 70%. Italy saw the distrust in the markets and the government made it a law that they were to always use 92% pure silver. They even instituted a stamp that was (925) and Italy to signal you could trust that what you were looking at was in fact sterling silver – or gold for that matter. That is why Italy became the “gold” standard in the jewelry business.
This chain is created in sterling silver – with a rhodium plating, which means it will never tarnish! You will enjoy this for years to come! This design features “moon beads”. If you hold it upright and it rotates – it looks just like the moon. The beads are diamond cut so they sparkle when they catch the light. This necklace is a delicate look and works well alone – or layered!

This necklace is 16″

99 in stock (can be backordered)

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