White Baroque Pearl Necklace


The Baroque Pearl – irregularly shaped formed in the muscles or soft tissue areas of the Mollusk shell. Highly prized by Renaissance jewelers who saw them as exquisite natural forms. Pearls have been treasured jewels for centuries and are associated with purity, new beginnings, This is why they were the gift given to debutantes for their coming out in the 50’s and are given at weddings and christenings,
Pearls are also believed to bring wisdom (Pearls of Wisdom), wealth and good fortune. They are also used for protection. Jewelry made of pearls can affect the wearer, filling them with peace and calmness.

We took this highly symbolic gem and simply presented it in a classic way, which makes it wearable for any occasion and is a perfect heirloom piece! This is a perfect size as well – not too small that you need to wear it in the nook of your neck – it makes a statement.

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